Bodog88 Casino Review

Bodog88 is an operation run by Heydock Entertainment, Bodog’s only Asian licensee. The operation offers a nice selection of live dealer casino games like baccarat, roulette and sic-bo. The site runs a variety of excellent promotions which cover its online casino, sports betting and online poker operations.


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About Bodog88 is basically the Asian offshoot of the Bodog brand, but Bodog is not actually the company directly behind the operation. The licensing behind Bodog88 is a tad intricate: the company which pulls the strings at Bodog88 is Haydock Entertainment, a corporate entity which is the sole licensee of the Bodog brand in Asia. Basically, no other company can use the Bodog brand there. The actual license to operate in Asian markets has been given to Bodog88 by the Philippine Government.

Haydock Entertainment’s Interactive Gaming License has been issued by The First Cagayan Corporation, which is the Master Licensor of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority is in turn an entity owned and controlled by the Philippine Government. The bottom line is that Haydock operate two live dealer online casinos currently, one under the Bodog brand called Grand Bodog Casino, and another, called Eagle Club Casino.

The main focus of this review is Grand Bodog Casino, which runs on software developed in-house by Bodog88.

Bodog88 Software

Players can access the live dealer tables offered by Bodog88 Casino at the click of a button at the Bodog88 homepage. Those who want to hit the live dealer tables have to choose whether they want to play at Grand Bodog Casino or the Eagle Club Casino. Both casinos offer live tables which are playable directly from the browser. The games that Bodog88 span a large selection and there are in fact several companies behind them. Besides the above mentioned proprietary bit, Mahjong Logic, RTG, GamesOs and EntwineTech have a hand in the operation as well.

The interesting thing about Bodog88’s live tables is that everyone can view them, as long as they open a Bodog88 account. Of course, only those who have real money accounts can actually play the live dealer games.

Bodog88 Game Selection

Bodog88’s game selection is downright impressive for a live dealer casino. They have Baccarat which features some massive limits. There are regular tables, Private ones and High Roller tables currently on offer. At the private tables, the maximum bet-size is MYR 80k, which is quite awe-inspiring indeed.

A recent addition to the Bodog88 game selection is the Super 6 Baccarat. Super 6 baccarat features slightly modified odds, which some players may like more.

Roulette is only available in the European (Single ‘0’) format, which is just great because the US version features much worse odds for the player anyway. The minimum bet on the roulette is $1 while the maximum is $500. In addition to the above listed games, live Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo are also available. The Eagle Club has its own selection of games too, which includes Bacarrat, two roulette versions, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger and Sic-Bo.

The graphics are outstanding on both software versions (The Eagle Club is powered by HoGaming) and in both cases, live studio-based croupiers do the dealing.

In addition to the above described live online casinos, Bodog88 also offers online poker, Mahjong and an online sportsbook.

Bodog88 Languages and Currencies

As seen from the game selection and from the actual license of the operation, Bodog88 is a distinctly Asian-oriented operation. That does not impede it from accepting wagers in Euros, US dollars and GBPs too though, in addition to TWD, THB, RMB, SGD and MYR.

The supported languages are English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Bodog88 Deposits and Withdrawals

Bodog88 always honors withdrawals in a timely manner. Players can deposit money through VISA, MasterCard, Cick2Pay, Skrill and a handful of other options, which include local bank transfer for Chinese players.

Bodog88 Support

Bodog88 support can be reached through email and phone, as well as 24/7 live chat.


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